About OziYoti.com

OziYoti.com was launched when I decided I was going to make a substantial lifestyle change, from living in the inner suburbs of Melbourne to living aboard a yacht and cruising with my partner, preferably in warm locations! I enjoy writing and decided to document the journey from idea to reality in a blog. Very quickly, the vision for the site became not just about the sharing of my story, but also about connecting people who aspire to making life changes in a supportive community.

The name OziYoti.com won’t resonate with everyone. Not everyone’s dream is to get wet, live in a confined space and risk the elements crossing oceans to visit new places. OziYoti.com isn’t about having a dream of sailing… it’s about daring to have dream and holding true to it, whatever that may be. So the name OziYoti remains despite the shift in focus from myself to a community of aspiring dream converters, as an example of staying true to your passion. I hope you’ll subscribe to the site, join our growing community and share your story. Putting your dream out there in public is often the first step towards making it real. You’ll find support and encouragement from myself and others and you may choose to take that next step and explore converting your dream into your new reality. Personal coaching can help you do this; if you’d like to know more about my life coaching services, go to www.persistentshift.com. Most of all, post a topic in the Tell us your story forum and share your dreams for the future. I look forward to hearing from you!

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